2021 Annuals Order Form

Enjoy the fun of annual gardening with plants from Bay Landscaping and Proven Winners!


For the best selection, please place your order before March 31, 2021.

All orders must be received by April 9, 2021. No further orders can be placed after this date.



The pickup dates are currently scheduled for May 28 and 29.

You will receive an email with details prior to that date.

Payment is due in full when plants are picked up.

Please use the form below to place your order for Proven Winners annuals. For each plant you'd like to order, type the number of plants you want in the space below the plant name.

When you've selected all the plants you want, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'Submit' button.

You'll receive a confirmation email showing exactly what you've ordered. Please keep it for your records so you'll know what to pick up when orders arrive in May.

On this order form, you'll find plants organized in this order:

  • Annuals - 4.25" Grande Size - $4.15 per plant
  • Annuals - Gallon Royale Size - $8.00 per plant
  • Annuals (Thunbergia) - Gallon Royale Size - $12.50 per plant
  • Perennials - Quart Size - $5.40 per plant
  • Heart to Heart Caladiums - Quart Size - $5.75 per plant
  • Hear to Heart Caladiums - 6.5" Size - $10.00 per plant
  • Tropicals (Annuals) - Gallon Royale Size - $13.00 per plant
  • Tropicals (Annuals) - 4.25" Grande Size - $4.15 per plant
  • Tropicals (Annuals) - Gallon Royale Size - $8.00 per plant
  • Grasses (Annuals) - Quart Size - $5.35 per plant
  • Grasses (Annuals) - Gallon Royale Size - $10.75 per plant
  • Proven Harvest - 4.25" Size - $4.50 per plant
  • Tasty Treats (Herbs) - 4.25" Size - $3.50 per plant
  • Tasty Treats (Vegetables) - 4.25" Size - $3.50 per plant


cover of Proven Winners 2021 Annuals catalogThere are hundreds of plants to choose from! You can see pictures and descriptions of all the plants by downloading a PDF version of the Proven Winners Annuals Catalog. Just click the link below. Plants that are not available are marked with "Sorry, not available."



There are also some helpful resources available online to help with your selection process. Just follow the directions below for details and inspiration!

Four Star Greenhouse Proven Winners Website

https://pwfourstar.com/ to look at various catalogs and ideas

 http://www.pwfourstar.com/landscapers to request a print version of the catalog

Additional Plant Research is available at www.provenwinners.com

On the top line, click on “Plants.” In the dropdown box, click on “Plant Search.”  Then you will see a search box that says “Keywords.” Type in the most unique words in the name of the plant you are looking for (e.g., to find Begonia Santa Cruz Sunset, try typing Santa Cruz). Then click “Apply.”  When you find the plant you're looking for, click on “VIEW Details.” You will find all the information you will need to make your choices.

2021 Annuals Order Form

Plant orders for 2021 have ended.