Bagged Colored Cedar Mulch

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The source of wood is critical when choosing mulch for your yard. Much of the colored wood mulch on the market is ground-up scrap lumber, which isn’t a good choice. Instead, we offer a dyed mulch that is made from processed cedar bark. Not only can you be sure that there’s only cedar bark and a special, non-toxic dye in the bag, you’ll also find that it doesn’t rot as fast as other types of wood mulch. It comes in Red, Black, and Brown.

Price is per bag

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Each bag of cedar mulch contains 3 cubic feet

Estimated Coverage

1 bag will cover 13 to 15 sq ft at 2″ thick

Please note this is only an estimate. The actual amount of product needed may vary by project. Please contact us if you need additional assistance to select the right amount of mulch for your project.

Maximum Load per Delivery

We can deliver up to 54 bags of western cedar mulch in a single load.

Larger loads will require multiple trips and charges unless otherwise approved.

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Black, Brown, Red