Avoid Slippery Surfaces and Salt Damage to Plants

Close-up of the legs of two people who stand in snow boots on an icy sidewalk or driveway.

The most common way to prevent outdoor surfaces from becoming slippery during Michigan’s long, cold winters is to use salt or ice melt products. Unfortunately, these products can damage or even kill nearby plants, including mature trees. Learn how to keep your walkways and driveway clear without harming your landscape plants.

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Maintenance Tips for New Plants & Lawns

Green, freshly cut grass in front of homes in a Michigan subdivision.

The most critical time for your new plants’ and lawn’s survival is the first year after planting or installation. Find out how to get your new perennials, shrubs, and lawn off to a great start so they’ll not only survive, they’ll grow into strong, healthy plants that enhance your landscape.

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