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General Questions

We accept payment by cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover card.

We require a 30% down payment for landscape construction based on the agreed-upon design and estimate.

For project work, such as design, installation, or maintenance, the short answer is very rarely or no. We really need to observe the site, discuss your needs, and see the physical size and scope of your project in order to provide an estimate.

If you are looking for topsoil or mulch or other landscape materials, we can possibly help you with quantities.

No, it's not necessary for you to be present. However, we do ask that you ensure we have unobstructed access to any areas we'll be working on (for example, no locked gates).

Yes, we are fully insured for all of the services we provide, including liability and workers' compensation insurance.

Many of our team members are licensed and/or certified in their professions.

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We provide and require OSHA safety and first aid training at least annually to all employees. We also encourage and provide on-going professional development.


Yes, we are and we encourage you to visit!

Our hours change with the seasons so please check the details on our Contact Us page before planning a visit.

Yes, we do. There are a couple of options, depending on your situation and needs. You can come to Bay Landscaping and go exploring on our 70+ acre nursery with one of our horticulturists. It is helpful if you bring along some pictures and information about the physical location of where you would like to place the new plants. If your project is more extensive than a plant or two, you can call our office to make an appointment with one of our designers to come and take a look at your property and discuss your needs. Once you make some decisions, you can visit us to select the plants from our nursery.

Yes, we do. The charge for this service depends upon the size and type of tree you select.

Yes, please refer to our Terms and Conditions for details on our guarantee.

Landscape Design

The first step is to meet with a designer to discuss your needs, preferences, home, and budget. It is important to the success of the project to have a design that reflects your personal preferences.

We will prepare an initial plan based on the meeting for your feedback. There may be several iterations and drawings as we work through the process to determine the best plan.

Once we have a design and budget you want to move forward with, we will prepare a master drawing and contract.

From there, your designer will manage the construction process and oversee your project through completion.

You can choose to be as active or as hands-off on the project development as you desire.

Part of the process could include visiting our 70+-acre nursery to hand select your plants and trees if you so desire.

You can see more details on our complete landscape design process here.

Yes, we can do both.

You can visit our nursery and talk with one of our horticulturists for plant recommendations. It is helpful to bring photographs and other geographic information about your yard.

For the planning process, you can make an appointment with one of our designers. Design or consulting fees may apply. A one-time consulting fee, which includes a walk-around of your residence, will generally run around $80. Design fees may apply for anything further.

It's best to start planning your new landscape as soon as you decide it's time to make some changes to your existing landscape (or create a new one) and as early in the process as possible. That way, you can get the professional input and advice you need right from the beginning to avoid potentially costly mistakes or having to redo aspects of the project. If it is new construction, we can make recommendations for a site-plan once you have your architectural drawing.

Winter months are a good time to get a plan in place for a late Spring or Summer planting, and the Spring months for a Fall planting.

Each project is different so there isn't one set answer to this question. So we've put together a list of common issues/questions to think about. Whether you plan to do the design and installation yourself or work with the Bay Landscaping design team, these questions will help point you in the right direction.

Questions to Consider Before Starting a Landscape Design Project

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