Terms and Conditions

Payment Policy

  • Bay Landscaping requires a 30% down payment prior to scheduling your project.
  • Payment shall be due in full upon completion of a project and receipt of an invoice. Any remaining balance over 30 days shall be subject to 1.5% interest per month. We accept all major credit/debit card for payment on landscape projects, however, there will be a 3% surcharge if paid with a card.
  • Progress payments may be required for large projects that take more than 30 days to complete.
  • Withholding full or partial payment until lawn fills in or the plants leaf out is not allowed.
  • All accounts will be paid in full prior to any warranty work.
  • Any expenses incurred as a result of collection procedures on unpaid accounts will be the responsibility of the customer. This includes but is not limited to court fees, legal fees or any other costs associated with collection.
  • Due to the unique nature of plant material, it may not be possible for an exact replacement due to the season, stock, or other extenuating circumstances. Our guarantee is only for the purchase price of the plant. A customer may choose a different item(s) for the same value of the original plant. If the value differs, then additional payment or credits may be required, or the customer may wait until a suitable replacement is available.

Any deviation from this policy will require a written agreement signed by a Bay Landscaping corporate officer.

Diagnostic Services

Bay Landscaping offers plant and tree diagnostic services. There is a non-refundable $50 service charge for this visit, except for any plants under the warranty time frame.


Estimates are based on the assumption that the soil below grade can be excavated without any unusual circumstances. An unusual circumstance may be, but is not limited to, one or more of the following: underground utilities (public or private) and irrigation systems, unusually hard soils, buried concrete and/or other obstructions. It is the owner’s responsibility to notify Bay Landscaping of the existence and location of private undergrounds (i.e. gas lines to grills, sprinkler systems, electric lines to outbuildings, lighting, etc.). Any additional work by Bay Landscaping, Inc., may be billed in addition to the original estimate.

Insurance & Certifications

Workers Compensation Insurance and Liability Insurance cover all employees of Bay Landscaping, Inc. Bay Landscaping, Inc. is licensed by the State of Michigan as a dealer of nursery stock, a Registered Landscape Architect, a Commercial Pesticide Applicator and a Residential Builder.

Drawings and Landscape Plans

All plans produced by our staff are copyrighted and the property of Bay Landscaping, Inc. Due to the seasonable nature of our business, turnaround time for a plan may vary. All copyrighted plans or portions of copyrighted plans may only be used by Bay Landscaping or with permission of an authorized Bay Landscaping representative. If infringements occur, all design costs – including consultation, travel, site survey, labor and materials – may be assessed at Bay Landscaping’s prevailing hourly rate.

Team Concept

At Bay Landscaping, we know how personal your landscape project can be. To serve you better, our design staff works as a team. Although you will be assigned a specific landscape professional to manage your project, you are free at any time and for whatever reason, to request a change.

If our proposal has not met your expectations, please let a Bay Landscaping representative know so that we may make appropriate revisions. Our main goal is to provide you with a beautifully landscaped site and positive Bay Landscaping experience.

Insurance Estimates

If an insurance company requires an estimate to cover damage done to your plants or landscaping, we can help. We can appraise most insurance estimates for $150.00. This $150 can be applied to the work stated in the estimate, providing Bay Landscaping completes the work.

If a court appearance is required, or additional documents or services are needed, Bay Landscaping will bill all expenses at our prevailing hourly rates.

Plant Guarantee

The most important thing we grow is a good relationship with our customers. We stand behind our products and services and we stand behind you. Our team is composed of knowledgeable and caring Michigan Certified Nurserymen and landscape technicians. With reasonable maintenance, you can enjoy the growth and beauty of the products we provide.

  • All plants are guaranteed to be free of defect and disease when you purchase them. All we ask is that you follow the care instructions our professional staff gives you.
  • All plant material is guaranteed for one year from date of purchase against loss from natural or unexplained causes, with exception to herbaceous perennials. Perennials are only guaranteed through the end of the year they were planted.
  • We do NOT cover damage that has been done or may have been caused by people, animals, chemicals, fire, tornado/extreme weather conditions, neglect or other factors beyond the control of Bay Landscaping, Inc.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any return we deem was damaged by sheer neglect, and we limit our liability to the price you paid for your plant.
  • To receive your replacement, just bring in your receipt and if possible, the plant itself. If Bay Landscaping installed your landscape, simply contact the office.
  • Plants not sold by Bay Landscaping, but transplanted by us per your request, carry no guarantee for transport or survival.

Lawn Guarantee

Bay Landscaping, Inc. has been installing lawns for over 70 years. In order to provide a quality lawn for the long term, we use a seed mix of the best perennial rye, blue grass and fescue for this area. Not only are the species and variety of the grasses important, but also their ratios are critical to the final makeup of the stand. This blend may not germinate as quickly as some other mixes because blue grass germinates more slowly than other species. If you desire a faster stand, additional rye can be added to the mix, but this will change the final stand and increases the risk of disease and insect problems in the future.

Establishing a lawn is a collaborative effort with you, the owner, Bay Landscaping, and the environment. With this being said, persistence and patience are the order of the day when it comes to lawns. Your turf may take up to one year or as little as six weeks to thicken, depending on the time of year, weather and care. The final stand and thickness may take 2-3 years, which by the way is the time a sod farm takes to produce sod.

After your lawn has been seeded, proper fertility and weed control will shorten the time it takes to thicken and fill in. Bay Landscaping will guarantee your stand only if a Bay Landscaping lawn maintenance program is purchased for one full growing season. This is to insure that products, amounts, and timing are appropriate. This will also allow a Bay Landscaping turf specialist to review your watering and mowing practices to offer helpful advice.

Payment is due in full for the seeding job upon billing. No portion or part of this payment may be withheld, delayed. Warranty work will not be completed without payment.

Bay Landscaping is not responsible for any damage caused by people, animals, chemical spillage (including gas/oil), fire, tornado/extreme weather conditions, neglect, or other factors beyond the control of Bay Landscaping, Inc.

All lawn mowing and maintenance is the owner’s responsibility. Any mowing or maintenance requested by the customer will be charged and billed at our prevailing hourly rate.

The owner also assumes responsibility for watering and maintaining the seeded lawn according to the accompanying care instructions.

Bay Landscaping assumes responsibility for germination of 90% of the area we seed. At the time of the first cutting, any washout spots in the seeded lawn installed by Bay Landscaping will be reseeded or patched without extra charge.