6 Benefits of Shopping at a Local Garden Center for Plants and Garden Supplies

In the Great Lakes Bay Region, the change of seasons shapes our outdoor activities, especially gardening. With spring approaching, that means trips to the local garden center or nursery to buy annuals, stock up on garden supplies, and maybe get some helpful advice on which plants to choose and how to care for them.

But did you know that not all “garden centers” are created equal? From big box stores to roadside stands, there are many different places to purchase plants and landscape materials.

Some people choose to buy from national brand stores because they can buy low-priced plants. But with cheap plants come a host of problems that mean you won’t always get the results you hoped for. Sure, it may cost you less up front, but the long-term costs can be much higher than anticipated.

In contrast, buying from a local plant nursery often means that the plants will be healthier and more likely to thrive in your garden. You’ll also get expert guidance when selecting plants, advice on planting and care, and a selection of high-quality products and materials to make gardening even more enjoyable.

Read on to discover the six biggest benefits of shopping at a local plant nursery or garden center like Bay Landscaping in Bay City, Michigan.

Bay landscaping has a wide range of plant selection in their nursery.

#1 – Offering Better Plant Quality, Selection & Health

Our plants aren’t just beautiful; they’re chosen for their ability to thrive in Mid-Michigan’s unique climate. 

Plant Varieties Adapted to the Local Climate

Local nurseries, like Bay Landscaping, specialize in plants that have evolved or have been cultivated specifically to thrive in the local climate and soil conditions. This means the plants we sell are more likely to withstand the unique challenges of the mid-Michigan soil conditions and climate, including temperature fluctuations, local pests, and diseases. This not only ensures better growth and survival rates but also means less hassle and more enjoyment for you, ensuring your garden’s beauty and vitality season after season.

Unique and Diverse Plant Selection

Forget the limited selections at big box stores. Like many of the best local nurseries, Bay Landscaping offers a unique and diverse selection of plants and garden supplies, including rare and native species that flourish in our local environment. This diversity not only adds beauty to your garden but also supports local ecosystems.

Healthier Plants

Local nurseries typically have a deep understanding of the specific needs of the plants they sell, given their familiarity with the local climate and soil conditions. This expertise allows them to provide optimal plant care from the moment the plants are grown until they are sold, including proper watering, feeding, and disease management practices.

No Worries About Foreign Pests

Imported and invasive insect pests are a big concern because they can transmit or cause diseases, displace native insect species, and can be difficult to control. By purchasing locally-grown plants,  you can be sure that foreign pests won’t come along with your new perennials, annuals, shrubs, or trees! In contrast, the big retailers source their plant material from around the country, sometimes introducing unwanted and destructive pests and diseases into local gardens.

Bay expert will guide you choose the right plants and plant care for your landscapes.

#2 – Giving Expert Advice & Personalized Service

Whether you need help with plant care, pest management, or landscape design, we’re here to guide you.

Local garden centers like Bay Landscaping are invaluable resources for gardeners of all levels, providing access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise that can’t be found at larger, non-specialized stores. Here’s how Bay Landscaping offers unparalleled support to its customers:

Experts Are Always Available

At Bay Landscaping, you won’t have to hunt down someone to answer your questions. Our team of seasoned horticulturists and landscape designers is always on hand to provide personalized advice. These experts bring a deep understanding of the local environment, soil types, climate conditions, and indigenous plant species. They are equipped to provide personalized advice tailored to each gardener’s unique situation, from selecting the right plants that will thrive in your garden to managing pests using eco-friendly solutions. This level of personalized service ensures that gardeners receive the most relevant and effective advice, leading to healthier gardens and a more satisfying gardening experience.

Specialized Services

Beyond individualized plant selection and pest management advice, Bay Landscaping offers comprehensive design services. Whether you’re updating an old garden or starting from scratch, our design services cater to every vision and budget. That’s something you can’t find at your neighborhood big box store!

Garden mulch offered by Bay for customers.

#3 – Providing Quality Garden Supplies for Every Project

We stock everything you need to make your garden flourish 

While a local garden center will usually carry the same brands as the big retailers, you’ll also find a wealth of high-quality supplies that aren’t available in the national chain stores. Rather than only selling low-cost, low-quality tools and products designed for mass consumption, when you visit a local garden center you’re more likely to find specialty implements, ergonomic tools, and imported brands whose materials are built to last a lifetime (with proper care – something the staff at Bay Landscaping can show you how to do).

If you’re looking for something special for your yard that your neighbors don’t have, you’ll probably find it at a local garden center. For example, Bay Landscaping carries an extensive collection of AquaPots, beautiful, self-watering, ceramic planters that you won’t find anywhere else in the region.

Bay Landscaping also sells a range of high-grade soil amendments and organic fertilizers, seed blends specifically developed for mid-Michigan growing conditions and pest and disease control solutions carefully selected for their effectiveness in our area.

You’ll also find bulk landscaping material, such as mulch, river rock, and topsoil. If you have a larger gardening project in mind, you’ll save money by buying in bulk and having it delivered rather than loading endless heavy bags into your car.

Bay Landscaping team.

#4 – Supporting the Local Economy

Buying from a local nursery not only beautifies your garden but also supports the local economy

When you choose a local provider for your garden and landscaping needs, you’re doing more than just buying plants and garden supplies; you’re investing in the local agricultural community, encouraging the preservation of local plant varieties, and reducing the environmental impact associated with transporting non-native plants over long distances. You’re also bolstering the local economy and creating jobs right here in the Bay City, Midland, and Saginaw area. By shopping local, your money stays within the community, fostering growth and sustainability.

Here’s how Bay Landscaping supports the local economy:

  • Job Creation – Bay Landscaping provides jobs to the local community, fostering economic stability and growth. Employment at Bay Landscaping ranges from horticultural specialists to customer service representatives, contributing to a robust local workforce.
  • Keeping Money within the Community – Spending money at Bay Landscaping ensures that a significant portion of every dollar spent circulates within the local economy, supporting other local businesses and services. This circulation of funds helps to build a stronger, more resilient local economy.
  • Supporting Local Suppliers – By sourcing plants and materials from local growers and suppliers, as well as growing most perennials and woody plants on site, Bay Landscaping not only guarantees the quality and health of the plants but also supports the local agricultural sector. This further contributes to keeping the local economy vibrant and sustainable.

Native plants that benefit local environment.

#5 – Benefitting the Environment

From reduced transportation costs to helping local ecosystems, local nurseries do it all

Buying locally offers significant environmental benefits that contribute positively to our planet’s health and sustainability. One of the biggest advantages is the reduction of carbon footprint associated with transportation. By choosing local plants and products, you significantly cut down on the distance items need to travel from production to purchase, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This not only conserves energy but also lessens pollution, making it a greener choice for consumers.

Locally grown plants are also more adapted to the local climate and soil conditions, requiring less water and fewer chemicals to maintain, which further diminishes the environmental impact.

Purchasing plants locally often means supporting the cultivation and spread of native plant species. Native plants are integral to local ecosystems, offering suitable habitats and food sources for local wildlife, including pollinators like bees and butterflies. They also play a vital role in building climate resilience by absorbing carbon, reducing urban heat islands, and supporting a diverse range of biodiversity.

Bay Lanscaping organize community events and workshops to educate inform everyone about plants and gardening.

#6 – Building Knowledge & Community

We do so much more than just sell you a plant!

Choosing a local source for your gardening needs isn’t just about buying plants; it’s about nurturing a vibrant community and economy. When you shop local, you’re directly contributing to the prosperity of our area, ensuring that our green spaces and community flourish together.

Bay Landscaping deeply values community engagement and education, serving as a cornerstone for gardening enthusiasts in the Great Lakes Bay Region. Here’s how we bring this commitment to life:

Workshops & Gardening Events

Bay Landscaping is not just about plants and landscaping services; we’re about growing together. Our workshops and events are designed to share knowledge, introduce new gardening techniques, and discuss the latest trends in gardening. These gatherings provide a fantastic opportunity for community members to learn from our experienced staff, exchange ideas, and connect with fellow garden enthusiasts.

Giving Back

Our dedication to the community goes beyond gardening. Bay Landscaping is committed to community service, focusing on beautifying public spaces and supporting local green initiatives. Through our efforts, we aim to enhance the natural beauty of our region, foster environmental stewardship, and contribute to the overall well-being of our community. Our projects and donations to local charities reflect our belief in the power of giving back and the importance of nurturing the spaces where we live and work.

LET’S GROW TOGETHER! Keep up with our latest workshops, community projects, and gardening tips by following us on Facebook. You’ll find updates on upcoming events, inspiring garden designs, and opportunities to get involved in our community initiatives.

Bay Landscaping nursery

Why Visit the Bay Landscaping Nursery?

  • Experience and Reliability: With decades of experience, we know what works for our region and are dedicated to your gardening success.
  • Quality and Variety: We offer a wider selection of plants and products than big-box stores, including unique and hard-to-find varieties.
  • Personalized Service: Our team goes above and beyond to ensure you leave with the right plants and knowledge to make your garden thrive.

We invite you to visit Bay Landscaping and explore our wide selection of plants and garden supplies. Experience the difference of shopping local and taking advantage of the expert advice, personalized service, and a diverse selection of plants makes us the go-to nursery in the mid-Michigan region.

Stop by our garden center at 1630 North S.E. Boutell Rd., Essexville, MI, or explore our offerings online. Your garden’s success starts here at Bay Landscaping!

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Jerry is a Landscape Designer, Project Manager, and the President of Bay Landscaping. He began learning about plants and landscape design as a young boy, hoeing in the family nursery and tagging along with the landscape crews who taught him the tools and methods of the trade. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Central Michigan University, he returned to the family business. Jerry has an enthusiastic yet practical approach to landscape design, focused on choosing the right plants (ones that thrive in the mid-Michigan climate) for the right place to create sustainable and spectacular landscapes. He loves to share what he knows with gardeners throughout Michigan! Learn more about Jerry >>

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