How can I prevent frost cracks?

Q. How can I help prevent winter frost cracks on my newly-planted trees?

A. There are things you can do to prevent frost cracks from occurring, mostly by ensuring that young trees are protected from extreme winter temperature fluctuations between daytime and nighttime.

HOW? The best way to do this is to wrap the tree trunk with something that will block sunlight (like burlap, or a light or white material). We suggest using a craft paper tree wrap in a tan color and held in place with masking tape (so the tree is not harmed by girdling).

WHEN? The best time to apply the wrapping is in fall after the leaves drop, and the best time to remove it is when the buds break on trees in the spring.

HOW LONG? Wrapping trees from Thanksgiving to St. Patrick’s Day is a good rule of thumb.

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