These Perennials Have Pops of Pink and Purple (or Magenta!)

The color magenta, along with shades of pink and red, is prominent in many annual varieties, but you can find pops of color in many perennials, too.

In perennials, magenta is found more as a highlight, stem, or even underlying leaf color.

In this article, we will show you some examples of perennials that would greatly complement your magenta-colored annuals, or that would work on their own to bring a pop of color to your yard or garden.

Coneflower echinacea wild berry flowers in Michigan.

Echinacea purpurea PowWow Wild Berry (Coneflower)

This perennial flower is a statement piece all on its own, with bright pink petals and an orange center.

Coralbells huecura primo black pearl in Michigan.

Heuchera Coral Bells in Black Pearl

As we mentioned in our Perennials for Annuals article, the ‘Black Pearl’ variety of Heuchera coral bells is a dark black shade, but it has subtle spots of magenta.

Day lily rock solid flower on a plant growing in Michigan.

Daylily ‘Rock Solid’

This daylily has more than one color to brighten up your Mid-Michigan yard or garden.

Dianthus paint the town magenta perennial.

Dianthus Magenta

“Magenta” is even in the name of this bright perennial. The colorful flowers can bring cheer to your yard when they bloom.

Double play spirea and double play gold spirea perennial shrubs.


Both ‘Double Play’ and ‘Double Play Gold’ varieties of spirea have light purple flowers.

Close-up of hibiscus all eyes on me flower.

Hibiscus ‘All Eyes on Me’

With light pink petals and a bright pink center, there’s a reason all eyes will be on this colorful hibiscus flower. Hibiscus flowers can grow up to 8 inches across and attract pollinators such as bees and hummingbirds.

A variety of hydrangea shrubs with pink, purple, or magenta blooms.


Several varieties of hydrangeas can be found in shades of pink, purple, or magenta, including ‘City Line Paris,’ ‘Invincibelle Spirit,’ and ‘Fire Light,’ shown above.

A rose shrub called Oso Easy Mango Salsa.

Oso Easy Mango Salsa Rose Shrub

If you plan to add a rose shrub to your property, the bright flowers on Oso Easy ‘Mango Salsa’ make this variety a great option.

A variety of sedum shrubs with purple, pink, or magenta flowers.


Sedums such as ‘Midnight Velvet’ or ‘Pure Joy’ come in shades of pink, red, or purple.

Fruit or flowers on a ballgown flowering maple tree at the Phipps Conservatory.

‘Biltmore Ballgown’ Flowering Maple

Named after the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina, this maple cultivar has flowers that resemble bells that appear during the summer months.

A beautiful peony in a reddish purple shade grows in Michigan.


Michigan has the perfect climate for growing peonies, which tend to bloom in June and July. With many varieties available, you’re sure to find a peony in the shade that you like!

For other perennials that pair well with annuals, check out this article.

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